• You know, it’s stories like this that drive a guy to nihilistic thoughts.

    I’d like to hear what you think of a discussion I instigated a while back on my LJ? It’s about how I believe religious fundamentalism is the root of most evil, and some ways to eradicate it (well, in an SF story, anyway). Here are the discussions in order:


    April 07, 2004
  • God and Man at LiveJournal

    Wow, I just took a quick look at your blog: that’s got to be a novel’s worth of postings, at least. I’ll get to it, but not immediately. In the meanwhile, here are some thoughts I shared with recently:

    I believe there is much of value in established religion; you could do much worse than emulating the life of Christ as it’s portrayed in the New Testament. Unfortunately, the leadership of any religion is often the furthest from its ideal…

    I think it’s probably emotionally/psychologically/spiritually healthy to believe in a benevolent god or universe–something outside of and greater than our clamoring egos, but it’s a habit I have yet to master. If I believe in anything it is a Zen Buddhist way of being in the world. At bottom I’m too much of a rationalist: I believe in a mechanistic universe governed by knowable laws.

    April 08, 2004

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