• There are some sexual behaviors that offend me. Most everything else just makes me laugh. 99 percent of those “offensive sexual acts” have to do with animals. Oh yeah, and children. I suppose I should include them, too.

    So now I have to figure out if a dead deer tongue offends me? And what it says about my mental state if I admit I’d feel better about the whole thing if it were a
    dried-out human tongue from a long-dead victim? haha.

    Isn’t a deer’s tongue kinda small? Its not like those beef tongues I see in the supermarket, is it? You’ve been everywhere, Bob. I’m sure you’ve hunted before?

    Those urban legend pages are my favorite, favorite site to visit. Everyone should go there!

    June 20, 2004
  • Oh! I replied too soon!

    >She saw the tongue, admired its length, >and had snuck off with it to use as a >masturbatory aid.
    >She didn’t remember leaving it up there.

    Oh, man. Imagine if her kink WASN’T masturbating with deer tongue, but was instead the idea of a man in a white lab coat retrieving dead things from her vagina?

    Imagine if the tongue was just incidental??

    June 20, 2004
  • I had an acquaintance who went to her OB-GYN one too many times to have sex toys retrieved from up there, and he told her that he’d only keep her as a patient if she’d see a psychiatrist. She changed OB-GYNs. That she told me (and others) this story as an amusing anecdote was unnerving. I was never intimate with this woman, BTW, nor were several of the other people to whom she told the story.

    June 24, 2004
  • I have not been everywhere. I would like to see Duluth, for example. I hunted as a teenager, but only small game, and I lost my taste for it in my twenties. I can’t imagine killing an animal for sport now, and I’m not happy about the way meat animals are treated, though I’m not a vegetarian.

    June 24, 2004
  • Yes, that’s just what I’m suggesting might be at work here, just what your friend did. Perfect. That was a perfect illustration of what i wanted to say.

    On the story itself, all I can say is that there must be something in your face to make people feel comfortable-either that, or she wanted to sleep with you. I suppose that’s the nicest way to look at it, were you inclined to do so. 🙂

    June 24, 2004
  • Okay, maybe not everywhere . 😉

    June 25, 2004

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