• chilling. really. makes me wonder if people (in *general*) really understand the implications of death as seen on the news or if they merely file it away in their “this can’t be real because it’s on t.v.” brains. i prefer to watch fat bumblebees getting drunk on honeysuckle, myself.

    November 02, 2004
  • Well, most Americans don’t see actual deaths on TV: they see big explosions, and more rarely a quick shot of an (always intact) body, almost always that of a foreigner; it’s not as “real” as an action movie. So when some armchair commando happens to channel surf across a clip of mangled bodies, or wounded civilians screaming in agony on Al Jazeera, he chokes on his Coors Light, and writes a heated (if ungrammatical) letter to his cable provider for allowing such filth on the airwaves.

    November 04, 2004
  • how clean. how protective. so we can continue to associate death and violence with fantasy and fiction. i need a vacation. is there domestic strife occurring in bermuda?
    honestly, i can’t sit in front of the t.v. for very long anymore. not that the classics are untouched by violent behaviours (poor jean valjean!) but at least i can squeeze my eyes shut and flip a few pages when i’m feeling a bit weaker than usual.

    November 06, 2004

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