• Sorry I missed it (OK, not THAT sorry I wasn’t up at 5am), and glad it went well. I’ll definitely listen to the archived version.

    June 21, 2005
  • Well, 5 a.m. is a little early.

    June 23, 2005
  • I still need to put the recordings together. Sorry it’s taken so long! I hope to get it done before the France trip.

    June 28, 2005
  • You’re very kind, though I thought you did a great job yourself.

    June 28, 2005
  • Right. Because you don’t have enough on your plate in the next three days. Don’t worry about it. Go to France. Eat cheese, drink wine, and participate in the 10-Metre Oyster Splooge.

    Bon Apetit!

    June 28, 2005
  • Thanks. Woody Allen seemed to enjoy it.

    June 28, 2005
  • Believe me, this was one of the pleasant tasks waiting to be knocked down before we invade Normandy. And now it’s done!

    June 30, 2005
  • You can’t argue with his taste.

    June 30, 2005

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