• My fav is the one called “Ten ways to tell your cat is an alien,” (I hope i got that title right) but her sabertooth story is cool, too.

    December 01, 2007
  • Some of my favorites are also the hardest ones to read: “Tiptree” comes to mind. Heartbreaking.

    I’m thinking the phenomenon should be called Quantum Comment Entanglement: QCE “kuse,” for short.

    December 01, 2007
  • QCE? I like it! It sounds suitably futuristic, too.

    December 01, 2007
  • Whoa, cool!

    December 01, 2007
  • Thanks for posting the info about the book.

    December 04, 2007
  • I’ve been meaning to write. How’s your leg? How are you?

    December 05, 2007
  • My pleasure. Mary’s a great writer and a dear friend. Also, if you don’t buy her book, she will crush your house and eat your children.

    December 05, 2007
  • Recovering, I hope. I see the orthopedist again tomorrow and then, if everything looks good, the physical therapist. Cross your fingers for me!

    December 10, 2007
  • Thank you!

    Thank you for mentioning my book, and in such flattering terms. I am in your debt!

    December 22, 2007
  • Re: Thank you!

    No, thank you for the delight I’m getting out of the book. Where are you guys for the holidays?

    December 23, 2007
  • Where we are —

    Geoff and I did our usual complicated geographical dance, this time complicated by the fact that his mom died the day after Christmas. I’m in Miami, wondering if I’m ever going to see copies of my next book (Dragon Soup) and enjoying my best friend’s grandchildren. The five-year-old shows rather frightening talent as a horror writer, although she exercises her talents mostly orally. There was this monster who ate houses and drank brown goo, and an Englishman with a light saber —

    January 08, 2008
  • Just read Ken’s and your Columbus essay

    I just read the witty and edifying essay you and Ken Ficara wrote about Columbus and thought it somehow appropriate to this day of election primaries and bloviating politicos of all persuasions.

    Check me on my history, but how come we’ve never had a Native American presidential candidate? Or did I miss something?

    March 11, 2008

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